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  • Posters - Take your business into a new growth phase

    Posters are one of the most effective & widely used marketing tools by businesses globally. They are used for both indoor & outdoor marketing. They are popular amongst businesses of all sizes because of the easy production, customisable options & cost effective features
  • Creating an effective fridge magnet to promote your business

    Fridge magnets is one of the most popular & cost effective ways of advertising a business.
  • Business Cards: Premium Cards on a Budget

    There’s no denying the importance of a high quality business card. It’s often the first piece of material handed to a new contact. The physical bridge between your appearance and personal brand. If you hand over a business card that looks and feels cheap, what does that say about the work you’ll do or products your business offers?

    After a big meeting or event, you may come away with a whole stack of them. In terms of a trade conference or expo, this is the point where the card supersedes personal presentation to become the lasting impression. And that means the cards that rise to the top are the people that are remembered.

    So what do you do when you’re on a tight budget? A flimsy card isn’t worth the risk, and the high end features are out of reach. In these times, there’s one trick that will give you the polish to stand out from the crowd without emptying your wallet: a great finish.

    Business Cards With a Soft Touch

    When using a finish to improve the quality of your business card, going Satin is a great option. Beyond smooth, the silky feel adds an impression of quality that can often surpass more expensive post-print features. Adding a bit of luxury to the tactile aspect of your card shows an appreciation to detail that an unfinished card will not.

    Satin finishes work great with any colour, and also complement minimalism quite well. When using a satin business card, keep the finish in mind as you design. You’ll find it lends itself as well to simplicity as it does complexity.

    Business Card Style That Lasts

    An affordable finish that adds timeless style to your business card is the Matte finish. Your card won’t feel cheap but it also won’t be overstated in any way. It’s a classic approach to striking a balance between a subtle statement and a lasting impression.

    A benefit of Matte cards is that you or the card’s recipient can write on them. If you’re an industry where you or the people you give your cards to will need to jot down additional details, you may consider designing one side of your card to accommodate this. A few lines and blank date-formatting shows that you’ve thought of everything.

    No matter what type of finish you choose, when you need high quality business cards on a budget Caboodle is here to serve you. Order online or call 1300 780 462 to get started.

  • Get Your Gig on the Wall

    When it comes to items musicians and bands use to promote themselves, there is nothing quite as iconic – or useful – as printing posters for concerts. Though ephemeral in nature, it’s not uncommon for them to be collected and saved, with well-designed gig posters serving as both event advertising and merchandise.

    Posters for Bands – Rock and Roll Roots

    Up to the mid 1960’s, posters for local happenings were largely typographic. Big block letters, simple yet effective, told passers-by of events in a straightforward manner.

    A remarkable shift in poster design for music happened in California around the time of Rock and Roll’s golden age. One key new design feature was type warped into wild forms, or following an outline to make the words fill the form of an illustration. Posters influenced the evolution of type design so it was only fitting that type design influenced the evolution of the poster.

    These gig posters, produced in San Francisco by Bill Graham, hit the scene in the mid 1960’s. Their influence can be seen in poster design for classic rock acts such as The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and more.

    Many of the Bill Graham posters were printed for shows at famous venues such as Winterland and the Fillmore. Before long, the style spread across the USA to New York City, where the same big acts played at the world renowned Fillmore East. Design trends followed the bands and music around the world – and gig posters where never the same.

    Posters at a show often advertised for the next weekend’s event, as they were made to direct fans (and ticket sales) to the next concert. People began to collect and trade the posters, usually to get the ones that advertised the events they actually attended. The popularity of these posters led to the production of reprints for sale, which is considered by many rock and roll historians to be the first cases of posters used as merchandise.

     Poster Printing – Diverse Utility

    Posters are fantastic for bands that are on tour, because one design can be used to advertise multiple events. This allows for quick production and distribution to venues in different locations, and also shows fans where else they can go to see the band

    Similarly, a single poster for a large multi-act event can effectively advertise for multiple bands. Many people will attend a concert or festival just to see one or two bands they love, so displaying all of the headliners is often important. From a business perspective, this also means a single poster can be used as merchandise for fans of multiple bands.

    Printing posters for bands and musical events are not just for “pros”. Small, local acts should also consider the benefits of putting up quality printed posters to get attention for their event. A small flyer won’t always get the job done, and there’s good reason posters have become a standard medium for music promotion. Posters are far more visible, and memorable, than the alternatives.

    Are you getting ready to tell the world about your band’s next show? Putting on a solo performance or taking part in a musical festival? No matter the scope of your gig, Caboodle will help you get it on the wall with high quality poster printing at great prices. We have free templates and you can always phone us for a quote and support.

  • Multifaceted Presentation Folders

    Presentation Folder Printing
    When pitching a project or marketing a product to affiliates, it’s often the details that stand out. An important element of any multifaceted presentation is the way the materials are carried, given and stored. A printed presentation folder is an artful, effective way to ensure that your materials are easily saved – and easily found when your customers and partners need them.

    A well-made presentation folder allows you to make an impression of quality on clients, investors and other decision makers. When your folder matches both your branding and the materials stored inside of it, it lends an unmatched level of continuity and professionalism to your cause. In today’s competitive markets exhibiting such dedication to detail and consistency of service is of prime importance.

    Quality You Can Feel

    Great products deserve great packaging, a fact that applies to printed material as strongly as it does to any commodity. It’s hard to imagine buying a DVD wrapped in tissue paper instead of a plastic case or a pair of shoes in a paper bag instead of a shoebox. Even if the product is amazing, the barrier between the individual and the product’s use would detract from its quality.

    We like heavy, colourful things. We like the wrappings to match the offerings. Given that, it’s unwise to hold important materials in a standard or plain folder. The low quality of presentation and storage would detract from what was inside – no matter how great it was.

    When it comes to presentation folders, strength equals sophistication. Heavy stock artboard construction, glossy finish, and a firm spine will ensure that your information is regarded highly from the first look. Interlocking pockets will keep your materials in place and graphics that match your branding will keep attention focused on your message.

    When you are ready to harness the power of quality printed presentation folders, Caboodle is here to provide world-class printing and timely service. Use our free templates to ensure your project is the perfect fit, and feel free to call us to reach an experienced sales consultant for a quote.

  • Personalised Mugs - More Than Just a Mug

    It’s one of the first things we reach for when we start our day. It’s an item that’s always close by when we’re hard at work. It’s versatile and valuable – collected, gifted, and used by all. Yes, the humble mug is something we simply can’t do without, making personalised mugs fantastic gifts, promotional tools, and products.

    With a personalised mug you can make a lasting impression by combining your message, logo, or artwork with the staples of modern life – morning coffee, afternoon tea, and the occasional chocolaty or fizzy treat. We use them at home and in the office, so they are always in reach.

    Mugs for All
    Personalised mugs are amazing marketing tools. Depending on the scope of your campaign and budget you may choose to give them as gifts. In this case, your investment in producing personalised mugs will provide a high perceived value to the customer due to their frequent use.

    For more detailed marketing campaigns, personalised mugs can be used as the container in which other promotional or gifted materials are included. When used in this way, the mug is not only a potent bearer of your brand but also holds a boon such as candies, small samples, a rolled t-shirt or cap… any small item that needs to be delivered with impact can be done so in a personalised mug.

    Custom mug projects are also great for loyalty rewards, add-ins for large purchases in lieu of (or complimenting) free shipping, or as take-away items for hospitality and other businesses.

    Versatile and Cherished
    Mugs can last a lifetime, and aren’t only used for drinking. People often use mugs to hold pens and pencils on their desk. This practice allows us to keep our old favourite mug while using a new one. Mugs can be used as decorative candle holders, to store makeup, or as planters for miniature herb gardens. People even use them to make mug cakes in their microwaves, a quick, easy to make decadent treat.

    People need mugs, and that means that personalised mugs are also sellable products. For many store owners and brands with dedicated customer bases, mugs provide a great return on investment while also putting the image of the brand into the customer’s home or office.

    For expert printing of personalised mugs, Caboodle is here to provide world-class and timely service. Use one of our free templates to ensure your artwork is placed perfectly on the mug, and feel free to call us to reach an experienced sales consultant for a quote.

  • Preparing your files for printing

    We all know preparing your file to print is a time consuming process, that is why we at Caboodle want to ensure that your document gets produced and finish as quickly as possible and that you are happy with with your results. Below you can find some useful tips on how to prepare your files before printing using our templates, to avoid time delays and frustration.

    First, here are some print terms you will need to be familiar with while working with our printing templates.

    Fold Line: This line represents where we will score the cards to ensure a straight, clean and sharp fold.
    Bleed Area: This is the area that extends past the cut line. Anything in this area will be cut off. Make sure any images/backgrounds that you want to have printed to the edge, extend beyond the cut line and fill this area.
    Trim Area: This is the actual finished size of the document. This is the dimension we will cut down your file to. Anything beyond this line will be cut off.
    On our website, you can find templates for all your printing needs. Each template is blank, ready for you to drop your artwork into and save as a high resolution PDF file to upload into our Instant Proof Viewer. The templates come in versions of Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and PDF.

    When you are finished with your design. please create a high-resolution PDF, choose the Adobe PDFx-1a configuration, disable all printers marks and set all bleeds to 3mm. If you are saving your file to JPG, please choose the maximum image quality and ensure your colour mode is CMYK (not RGB).

    Resolution of images, need to be at least 300dpi to achieve a good quality print and make sure that the text is converted to curves, outlines, paths.

    If you have any questions, comments, or feedback please get in touch with us!

  • Premium Cheap Business Cards

    Everybody wants premium cheap business cards nowadays