There’s no denying the importance of a high quality business card. It’s often the first piece of material handed to a new contact. The physical bridge between your appearance and personal brand. If you hand over a business card that looks and feels cheap, what does that say about the work you’ll do or products your business offers?

After a big meeting or event, you may come away with a whole stack of them. In terms of a trade conference or expo, this is the point where the card supersedes personal presentation to become the lasting impression. And that means the cards that rise to the top are the people that are remembered.

So what do you do when you’re on a tight budget? A flimsy card isn’t worth the risk, and the high end features are out of reach. In these times, there’s one trick that will give you the polish to stand out from the crowd without emptying your wallet: a great finish.

Business Cards With a Soft Touch

When using a finish to improve the quality of your business card, going Satin is a great option. Beyond smooth, the silky feel adds an impression of quality that can often surpass more expensive post-print features. Adding a bit of luxury to the tactile aspect of your card shows an appreciation to detail that an unfinished card will not.

Satin finishes work great with any colour, and also complement minimalism quite well. When using a satin business card, keep the finish in mind as you design. You’ll find it lends itself as well to simplicity as it does complexity.

Business Card Style That Lasts

An affordable finish that adds timeless style to your business card is the Matte finish. Your card won’t feel cheap but it also won’t be overstated in any way. It’s a classic approach to striking a balance between a subtle statement and a lasting impression.

A benefit of Matte cards is that you or the card’s recipient can write on them. If you’re an industry where you or the people you give your cards to will need to jot down additional details, you may consider designing one side of your card to accommodate this. A few lines and blank date-formatting shows that you’ve thought of everything.

No matter what type of finish you choose, when you need high quality business cards on a budget Caboodle is here to serve you. Order online or call 1300 780 462 to get started.