Fridge magnets is one of the most popular & cost effective ways of advertising a business. With the refrigerators becoming an essential appliance in a household over the years, businesses around the world were quick to catch up with the trend of fridge magnet advertising. It is very important that a business makes effective use of the fridge magnets to stand out from the clutter of other businesses & competitors who also use this medium.

Enclosed are some expert tips to consider before you are ready to go ahead with your fridge magnets.

A)     Know you audience well – Like any marketing campaign, it is crucial to understand the profile of the specific audience that is targeted. This will help in finalising the message & the type of fridge magnet that should be used as a part of the campaign.

For example – If your target audience are senior citizens, the fridge magnet can include a list of emergency numbers along with the contact number of the business.

B)      Only use relevant information – Depending on the type of the business & the call to action for the customer, it is very important only the relevant information is displayed. Otherwise the potential customer may choose not to put it up on their fridge or worse, ignore it.

For example – If the call to action is for the customer to call the business, it’s crucial the contact number and the name of the business is in bold. Information which does not need to be on the fridge magnet include email & postal address in that case.

C)      Provide value – Majority of the businesses who have seen great success from their fridge magnet advertising campaigns, have chosen customised fridge magnets. These fridge magnets provide value to the customer in addition to promoting their brand.

For example – Using a customised fridge magnet with a notepad along with information about a business is a great strategy as the notepad provides additional value to the customers. This ensures that the customer will place it on their fridge and it becomes a win-win situation for both the customers and the business.

Caboodle specialise is creating all kinds of fridge magnets. We also cater to custom orders based on the requirement. We will ensure that your brand’s fridge magnet stand out from the crowd.

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