Presentation Folder Printing
When pitching a project or marketing a product to affiliates, it’s often the details that stand out. An important element of any multifaceted presentation is the way the materials are carried, given and stored. A printed presentation folder is an artful, effective way to ensure that your materials are easily saved – and easily found when your customers and partners need them.

A well-made presentation folder allows you to make an impression of quality on clients, investors and other decision makers. When your folder matches both your branding and the materials stored inside of it, it lends an unmatched level of continuity and professionalism to your cause. In today’s competitive markets exhibiting such dedication to detail and consistency of service is of prime importance.

Quality You Can Feel

Great products deserve great packaging, a fact that applies to printed material as strongly as it does to any commodity. It’s hard to imagine buying a DVD wrapped in tissue paper instead of a plastic case or a pair of shoes in a paper bag instead of a shoebox. Even if the product is amazing, the barrier between the individual and the product’s use would detract from its quality.

We like heavy, colourful things. We like the wrappings to match the offerings. Given that, it’s unwise to hold important materials in a standard or plain folder. The low quality of presentation and storage would detract from what was inside – no matter how great it was.

When it comes to presentation folders, strength equals sophistication. Heavy stock artboard construction, glossy finish, and a firm spine will ensure that your information is regarded highly from the first look. Interlocking pockets will keep your materials in place and graphics that match your branding will keep attention focused on your message.

When you are ready to harness the power of quality printed presentation folders, Caboodle is here to provide world-class printing and timely service. Use our free templates to ensure your project is the perfect fit, and feel free to call us to reach an experienced sales consultant for a quote.