It’s one of the first things we reach for when we start our day. It’s an item that’s always close by when we’re hard at work. It’s versatile and valuable – collected, gifted, and used by all. Yes, the humble mug is something we simply can’t do without, making personalised mugs fantastic gifts, promotional tools, and products.

With a personalised mug you can make a lasting impression by combining your message, logo, or artwork with the staples of modern life – morning coffee, afternoon tea, and the occasional chocolaty or fizzy treat. We use them at home and in the office, so they are always in reach.

Mugs for All
Personalised mugs are amazing marketing tools. Depending on the scope of your campaign and budget you may choose to give them as gifts. In this case, your investment in producing personalised mugs will provide a high perceived value to the customer due to their frequent use.

For more detailed marketing campaigns, personalised mugs can be used as the container in which other promotional or gifted materials are included. When used in this way, the mug is not only a potent bearer of your brand but also holds a boon such as candies, small samples, a rolled t-shirt or cap… any small item that needs to be delivered with impact can be done so in a personalised mug.

Custom mug projects are also great for loyalty rewards, add-ins for large purchases in lieu of (or complimenting) free shipping, or as take-away items for hospitality and other businesses.

Versatile and Cherished
Mugs can last a lifetime, and aren’t only used for drinking. People often use mugs to hold pens and pencils on their desk. This practice allows us to keep our old favourite mug while using a new one. Mugs can be used as decorative candle holders, to store makeup, or as planters for miniature herb gardens. People even use them to make mug cakes in their microwaves, a quick, easy to make decadent treat.

People need mugs, and that means that personalised mugs are also sellable products. For many store owners and brands with dedicated customer bases, mugs provide a great return on investment while also putting the image of the brand into the customer’s home or office.

For expert printing of personalised mugs, Caboodle is here to provide world-class and timely service. Use one of our free templates to ensure your artwork is placed perfectly on the mug, and feel free to call us to reach an experienced sales consultant for a quote.