Posters are one of the most effective & widely used marketing tools by businesses globally. They are used for both indoor & outdoor marketing. They are popular amongst businesses of all sizes because of the easy production, customisable options & cost effective features.

However, creating an effective poster can be a challenge. A good poster design is very different from that of brochures and other print media.  Although an effective advertising campaign should be consistent across all platforms, posters convey their message in a unique way. The poster creatives should be able to give a feel of the desired action to the intended audience. The content should be kept to a minimal and only the most important message should be used. The attention span of people reduces if there is more text. So, it is important to make the most of the opportunity when you have your potential customer’s attention.

The most engaging posters communicate the benefit from the product or service. For example, an airline promotes a destination as it interests the customer more than the trip. Similarly, effective posters of a lawn mower or a landscaping service will feature images of a well-manicured lawn.  Therefore, it is crucial that the poster appeals to the motivating factors behind the purchase. Depending on the content & creative, the sizes of the posters can be customised. The A3 posters are able to display the message clearly to the intended audiences both in an in-store & outdoor setting. The dimensions of an A3 poster are 420mm x 297mm. Consumer centric businesses normally opt for A3 posters as it accommodates all the key information along with the contact details.

Poster printing is the final stage which needs to be done skilfully. Online printing companies are able to provide cost effective services. If your creative is not print ready, they also provide a red carpet service which can save you the time & trouble of finalising a poster creative.

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