We all know preparing your file to print is a time consuming process, that is why we at Caboodle want to ensure that your document gets produced and finish as quickly as possible and that you are happy with with your results. Below you can find some useful tips on how to prepare your files before printing using our templates, to avoid time delays and frustration.

First, here are some print terms you will need to be familiar with while working with our printing templates.

Fold Line: This line represents where we will score the cards to ensure a straight, clean and sharp fold.
Bleed Area: This is the area that extends past the cut line. Anything in this area will be cut off. Make sure any images/backgrounds that you want to have printed to the edge, extend beyond the cut line and fill this area.
Trim Area: This is the actual finished size of the document. This is the dimension we will cut down your file to. Anything beyond this line will be cut off.
On our website, you can find templates for all your printing needs. Each template is blank, ready for you to drop your artwork into and save as a high resolution PDF file to upload into our Instant Proof Viewer. The templates come in versions of Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and PDF.

When you are finished with your design. please create a high-resolution PDF, choose the Adobe PDFx-1a configuration, disable all printers marks and set all bleeds to 3mm. If you are saving your file to JPG, please choose the maximum image quality and ensure your colour mode is CMYK (not RGB).

Resolution of images, need to be at least 300dpi to achieve a good quality print and make sure that the text is converted to curves, outlines, paths.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback please get in touch with us!