Using personalised mugs is a great way to complement your company’s marketing strategy and promote your brand at the same time. In any kind of promotions, the medium is very important. Promoting your brand in widely used mediums like billboards, television or newspapers is not only expensive but is also live only for a limited time. If you are looking to engage with prospective customers in the long term and want them to remember your brand, the answer is personalised mugs.

Are personalised mugs effective for a business?

When people receive personalised mugs with branding on it, they tend to keep it with them for a long time. This is true for your customers, employees, stakeholders or even prospective customers. The reason being, the mugs are immensely practical for daily use. Once received, people tend to normally preserve it for up to a year. This makes custom mugs far more effective in the long run as compared to the conventional promotion mediums.

What should a personalised mug design contain?

It is important that the personalised mugs carry the company logo, brand name or a distinct message the company wishes to share. The visibility that these mugs provide for the company are highly valuable in the long run. So it is important that the design / message is perfect. Ensure the creative is of a high resolution & fits well into the space.

Custom mugs are budget friendly and are also popular gift items that can be used to promote at all types of events. Placing your orders in bulk especially during the EOFY, can help get the best deals.

For expert printing of cheap personalised mugs, Caboodle is here to provide world-class and timely service. Use one of our free templates (on our Personalised Mugs page) to ensure your artwork is placed perfectly on the mug, and feel free to call us to reach an experienced sales consultant for a quote.