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Personalised Mugs

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Personalised Mugs

Well all use mugs every day. Now you can use mugs as a way to promote your business, reward customer loyalty, or simply as a unique product offering. Ordering personalised mugs from Caboodle allows you to create a custom product that everyone has a use for .

A personalised mug is a special gift no matter what it’s filled with – coffee, tea, juice, or pens and pencils. Our mugs are well-crafted and offer years of use to all who use them, which means years of publicity for your business.

Logos, Names, Artwork? Order Customised Coffee Mugs.

Caboodle personalised mugs let you become a part of your customer’s morning, give great gifts, or treat yourself to that one of a kind coffee mug you always wanted. You can print your art, design, or favourite phrase on a mug. Maximum Printable Area is 79mm x 193mm.

Get your custom mugs printed at Caboodle. If you have questions about your idea, call us at 1300 780 462.

Product FAQs for Personalised Mugs

1) What is the maximum printable area on a personalised mug?
The maximum printable area on the personalised mug is 79mmx193mm. Ensure your creative is based on this size. Otherwise the image maybe cut out and only a portion of the image will be printed. Caboodle offers print templates through which you can help eliminate potential problems down the line and keep your print job on schedule. Check out our resources page for more information.

2) Can I use the personalised mug in a microwave after the printing is done?
Yes! Once printed, the personalised mug can be used as a normal mug. You can use the personalised mug to enjoy your favourite drink like tea, coffee, milk, juice or even a cold drink. The personalised mug can be washed in cold & hot water and is dishwasher safe too!

3) Before ordering, is there a way to see how my picture will look on the personalised mug?
YES! Before you order, Caboodle asks you to upload your image to the website and adjust the picture as required. This will give you a clear idea of how the personalised mug will look. Once you are happy to go ahead, you can proceed with the order.

4) I am not sure my image is of the best quality. Can you help me make my image print ready?
Sure! We offer a red carpet service for our customers who need assistance to make an image print ready. Visit our Red Carpet Service page for more information.

5) What is the price for a personalised mug?
Caboodle offers the most competitive prices! Check out our prices on our website. Make the most of our amazing offers & discounts by subscribing to our newsletter. You will be notified whenever there is a special offer available. Sign up now! -

6) I want to design my own artwork for my personalised mug, but I am not sure which format to use?
Don’t worry! You can download the easy templates in a file type of your choice from our website. Just go to the ‘easy template’ tab and download the templates. Have fun designing!

7) I am not able to find my way to order on the website. How do I go about it?
Check out this video on how ordering your personalised products from Caboodle is so easy!

8) I still have more questions & I want to speak to someone for help!
We are happy to help you out, call us on 1300 780 462. Caboodle specialises in creating the best quality business cards, pull up banners, personalised mugs and much more!

9) I am looking for a specific order with a unique finish. Can you help with custom requirements?
Call our dedicated account managers on 1300 780 462 for a personalised quote today! Caboodle works on specific commercial print projects regularly and we can provide tailored print solutions as per the requirement. Whether you are looking a specific kind, size or shape of a personalised mug or even a different colour, we can create that for you. Speak to us today!

10) Which formats do the image need to be in to print a personalised mug?
We recommend the image used to print a personalised mug to be either a PDF file or a JPEG file.

11) What should be the file size of the image to be printed on a personalise mug?
The file size of the image should not exceed 200MB. To ensure the image does not pixelate, we recommend that the resolution of the image which is to be printed on a personalised mug should be 300 dpi for the best results.

12) Do I need to login to place an order?
No. You can choose to check out as a guest user. You can also login with a registered account or register a new account. However, we recommend registering your account to gain easy access to your order history & status.

Easy artwork setup with Easy Templates

Click on the file type of your choice and it will download straight away. Have fun designing!

Artwork Guidelines

We highly recommend that you review this artwork guide to ensure your artwork meet our press ready requirements before placing your order and uploading your file.

How our ordering process works

Custom Print Request

We take care of commercial print projects every day.
If you have a special requirement like a unique size or finish, speak to our dedicated Account Managers for a personalised quote.
We know you need tailored print solutions and have deadlines to meet and are happy to work with you to make your project come alive.